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We don’t offer basic service—we’re a 3PL service provider committed to your success. Everything we do is about adding value and supporting you in your efforts to provide the best patient care you can. With our technology and custom services, you receive industry-leading supply chain solutions, fully compliant with the latest Canadian Regulations and Standards.

Both our Vancouver and Toronto distribution centres are fully equipped to meet Canadian compliance standards and are protected by 24/7 security and surveillance cameras. Keeping your healthcare products secure is of the utmost importance to us, as is the privacy of the associated information and data.

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Optimized logistics management.

Inventory Control

Our validated IBIS system ensures stock rotation on a FEFO basis, recall reporting, and accurate, real-time inventory control.

Product Monitoring

Our facilities are GMP compliant, pharma-grade clean, and temperature monitored in 3 dimensions on a daily basis.


We are a one-stop show for all your logistics, regulatory-consulting, customer service and order-to-cash requirements.

Committed Partners

We’ve cultivated a team of long-term employees who care about you and your products. We pride ourselves on being your supply chain partners and work hard to help your business achieve success.

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