The foundation of i2i

We’re more than data.

Though we are always talking about data and how we empower clients with information, there is more to i2i than order fulfillment, logistics, and mottos. We’re a committed group of people, passionate about building relationships, supporting clients, and identifying trends and opportunities. We believe in continuous improvement and are always evolving to serve our customers and our company better.

We believe in technology and aren’t afraid to invest in tech to provide you with faster service, reporting, and data. We accept change and every day we are looking for opportunities to improve our business and your experience.

What We Stand For

Building a future we’re proud of.

Giving Back

Supporting local, national, and international charities are activities close to our heart. Both our Vancouver and Toronto locations are committed to giving back, and helping local and international organizations.

Setting Standards

We strive to be leaders and no one ever said leadership was easy—but we hold ourselves to high standards. With complete transparency, accuracy, and fill rates that exceed 99.97%, we are setting industry standards every day.

Implementing Solutions

You need information just as much as you need inventory control, which is why we developed IBIS. Our digital infrastructure is a powerful tool that gives you control of your inventory, from real-time visibility, order status, expiration dates, and more.

Supporting Sustainability

We’re committed to several sustainability initiatives including Bullfrog Power and the Government of Canada’s SmartWay Program. Our sustainability efforts are not only recognized but set us apart from our competitors. From shipping our fulfilment orders in natural products to working with energy-efficient delivery companies, we are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint.

Quality Service

Supporting Healthcare and Omni-Channel Retail

i2i Beliefs Sustainable Technology Advanced Healthcare

Supported by years of industry experience and advanced technology, your fulfillment needs are in safe hands with i2i. We’re more than a fulfillment company, we’re your business partner and we care about the success of your business.

We specialize in supporting healthcare and omni-channel retail, and when you work with us, you are working with a company that not only knows your business but is here when you need us.

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