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Secure. Transparent. Innovative. Welcome to our Internet Based Inventory System (IBIS). Technology has completely changed the evolution and execution of third-party logistics (3PL), and as a leading fulfillment company, i2i has been embracing technology since day one.

IBIS is our own propriety software, offering you a level of transparency unheard of in the fulfilment industry.

Software i2i Logistics Fulfillment

Optimized Supply Chain Management

From inventory to information.

Real-Time Information

We live in a digital age, and your business deserves real-time data. IBIS is an automated system that gives you instant access to your inventory and the data you need to drive success.


The more information you have, the lower you can keep your inventory, and with IBIS, you have all the information you need. From market trends to item status and expiration dates, our software informs your business with the reports you need to remain profitable.


In addition to 24-hour security, digital surveillance cameras, and advanced security systems, we offer up-to-date protection against cybercrime and hackers. Your products and data are safe with us.


With IBIS, the task of performing automated logistics with a high-level of integrity is made simple and efficient—don’t believe us? Our fill rates exceed 99.97%.

Software i2i Logistics Fulfillment

Answering Your Questions

You have questions, we have answers.

Software i2i Logistics Fulfillment

We’ve been doing this for a while, and we know that if you’ve gotten this far, you probably have a few questions. Well, we are all about making this easier for you!

If you have more questions about IBIS, how we support healthcare and omni-channel retail, and more, we have answers for you.

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