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Overcoming challenges, delivering solutions.

We’ve been working with the healthcare community since 2004, helping medical professionals focus on what really matters—their patients. Our years of support and 3PL expertise has produced financial savings, increased productivity, and expedited product delivery for the healthcare industry. We take care of your supply chain so you can save lives and provide superior patient care.

From inventory control to recall management, we take care of your needs. We handle sensitive products and high-value equipment, discreetly and efficiently, optimizing the healthcare supply chain. We don’t just deliver products— we deliver solutions.

  • Healthcare

    Medical Devices

    Are your devices categorized as class I-IV? i2i fulfillment is licensed by Health Canada to handle your devices, and since 2004, we've been working with the healthcare industry, perfecting our craft and delivering products safely and securely. 

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare Providers

    As a fully licensed fulfillment company, we are able to act as your Importer of Record. How does this help you? It takes the burden off your company and lets you do what you do best, while we do what we do best. That's what we call a win-win.  

  • Healthcare


    No matter what pharmaceuticals you need handling, i2i fulfillment can get the job done! Our years of supply chain experience make us an ideal partner to store and distribute your goods. Ready for a change?

  • Healthcare

    Validated WMS

    Our IBIS system is validated and our detailed SOP lists ensure compliance with all Health Canada, Good Manufacturing, and Data Integrity requirements. It's our business to handle your supply chain, so we make sure we do it right. 

Healthcare Logistics

Compliant with regulatory standards.

We offer a custom 3PL package specifically for healthcare that is fully compliant with the rules and regulations mandated by Health Canada. We stay on top of the standards, ensuring that any and all changes are incorporated into our services so we can provide you with the best service possible.

Healthcare and regulations go hand-in-hand which is why we make it our business to be regulation experts. Our innovative and custom healthcare inventory management solutions meet your needs, offering temperature-monitored storage and transport, rigorous data collection, product inspection, and more.

Not sure if your products need to be licensed by Health Canada? Our talented team of regulatory experts will lead you through the maze of licensing, standards, and compliance, saving you time and resources.

i2i Healthcare

i2i is committed to providing world-class healthcare logistics AND HAS HEAVILY invested in facilities, software, and improved processes.”


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