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Keeping up with demand is challenging for any business, let alone a growing and/or thriving business. That’s why we take care of it for you. With IBIS, our operations are 100% transparent, and the data we collect offers you real-time insight into what products are trending, where your products are, and the dynamic landscape that is the omni-channel supply chain.

We keep your inventory lean and your business informed by collecting data, interpreting that information, and transforming it into useful information. When you partner with us, you benefit from our range of scalable and innovative services, as well as our 99.97% accuracy rate. Solutions matter, and at i2i, our team simplifies and solves your challenges and revolutionizes your supply chain management.

Inventory Accuracy

Outstanding Performance

Industry-leading inventory accuracy.


Accuracy starts with our receiving protocols and our team double-checks receipts and product identification.


i2i applies barcode labels for item numbers and lot number/ expiry data and then scans the items into scannable location slots.


All orders being picked and packed require barcode scanning to confirm location, item number, and lot number to ensure FEFO.


All data is imported digitally, keeping keyed-in data kept to an absolute minimum to eliminate human error.

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