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Since 2004, we’ve invested in our own proprietary software, IBIS, and created a highly customizable system to meet the ever changing demands of the fulfillment industry. Over the years we’ve developed the capabilities of IBIS, leaning on our own consulting expertise, as well as the suggestions and experience of our broad customer base.

With IBIS, we can build customized screens, processes, and reports to help you meet the ever-changing demands of your clients and consumers. If you need a specific solution for your customer, we can help.

Multi-Brand Management Solution

Recently, one of our marketing customers wanted to pass on our storage and handling costs to the 25 brands they represented. They came to us for a solution and we developed a model that broke down all orders by brand, and split the total invoiced amounts so that our customer could invoice the brands they represented quickly and accurately.

Retailer Solution with Order Entry

We often deal with large retailing customers, and one of our customers with eighty stores came to us looking for an online ordering system that would allow them to access and order goods from inventory held by i2i. In response, we developed a custom user-friendly module that provided inventory visibility to every store, and allowed them to order consumables as they were required. Furthermore, their head office had inventory visibility, allowing them to plan replenishment to i2i accordingly, and the ability to review each store’s ordering pattern.

Customized Systems Services

Our Clients


Customized Systems Services i2i

“i2i has provided our company with solutions— we went to them with a problem and their team provided us with a custom solution, just for our business.” — Client of 7 years.

“The i2i teams in Vancouver and Toronto have proved to be the ideal logistics providers: removing the concern for regulatory compliance and stock rotation, as well as receiving and shipping orders in a timely and accurate manner. I would recommend i2i to anyone looking for a reliable, dedicated business partner.”— Client of 14 years

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We know you have questions. Order fulfillment is one of those behind-the-scenes services that no one really knows a lot about. Well, we can help.

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