Managing Your Goods

Tracked, transparent, and transported.

We believe in technology and all the power it holds—for you and your business. With IBIS, you have access to full freight reporting, complete with 24/7 item tracking so you can monitor your shipment’s movement through the supply chain. Now that’s what we call data at work.

Your business is our priority, and it’s our priority to know your business. So, no matter what you do, we have a freight management program to handle your product. We offer standard freight management, expedited freight (AIR), temperature-controlled freight for healthcare, and much more!

What we do.

  • Transport management
  • International, national, and local delivery service
  • Mode optimization and scheduling
  • Freight rate analysis, payment, and auditing

Coordination services.

  • Shipper/receiver optimization, scheduling, and coordination
  • Carrier analysis, selection, and contract negotiation
  • Carrier optimization and coordination
  • Automatic freight quotes from multiple carriers for validated customers
Freight Management i2i


Getting you the deals you deserve.

Freight Management i2i

You deserve the best rates, and we make sure you get them. We’ve been around the block a few times (maybe more than a few) and know how to negotiate a good deal for our clients. We work with national and international couriers, and the discount we’ve received is passed on to you—giving you a competitive advantage.

Need advice on who to work with? i2i can assist you with anything from making optimal routing decisions to the best courier to use for your area. We take into consideration weight ranges, geographical area, and more.

Want to know more?

We know you have questions. Order fulfillment is one of those behind-the-scenes services that no one really knows a lot about. Well, we can help.

Frequently asked questions