Distribution Centres

Connecting you to major markets from Vancouver and Toronto.

We do pick and pack. We do drop-ship. We do internet-sales support. We do B2B and B2C. In short, we do it all—simply, cost-efficiently, and within industry compliance. From our ideally located distribution centres in Vancouver and Toronto, we serve Canada’s most populous cities with the support of a highly developed logistics network.

With access to rail, road, air, and ports, our distribution centres are located in hubs of activity, reducing ship times and enabling us to offer additional services to serve your business and customers better.

Fulfillment Services

  • Overnight delivery to all major North American markets
  • Bar-code scanning to confirm accuracy and provide real-time event tracking
  • Retailer compliance
  • Rush order fulfillment
  • 99.97% accuracy
  • Pick & pack fulfillment

i2i Advantages

  • Bilateral agreements to ease access to US markets
  • Serviced by a network of well-established logistics service providers
  • Connections to a network of customs brokers, freight forwarders, marine insurance, and logistics service companies
Order Fulfillment i2i Vancouver Toronto

Accommodating Your Needs

Pick & Pack

Is your retail space limited? Is your inventory varied? Do you need quick replenishment? We can provide you with pick and pack services (less-than-case-quantity) to keep your inventory stocked, your business on trend, and your product lean.

Pick and pack is a growing trend for manufacturers and retailers who demand faster product replenishments and a wide variety of SKUs. Even though pick and pack originated with retailers, it is moving up the supply chain and becoming a go-to for more and more businesses.

Do you want to ship directly to consumers? i2i makes this possible and cost-effective for manufacturers by holding stock and accepting orders for small quantities.

Want to know more?

We know you have questions. Order fulfillment is one of those behind-the-scenes services that no one really knows a lot about. Well, we can help.

Frequently asked questions