Setting Standards

Safeguarding your inventory.

No one can determine “acceptable” quality better than you. However, when you ask i2i to determine whether the goods arriving at our facility from your supplier meet your quality standards, you can look forward to a lot of communication. If we see anything that doesn’t look perfect, we will stop, photograph, and e-mail the details to you so you can make that determination. We work with you to ensure that only acceptable products are received into inventory.

If you can provide i2i with an outline of what criteria qualifies a receipt as acceptable, then we can successfully act as your quality control department, easing the burden of quantity assurance from your shoulders and placing it on our own.

A Commitment to Quality

  • All processes are controlled by SOP and IBIS Warehouse Management System (WMS).
  • Barcode scanning eliminates human data-entry errors
  • Product is automatically rotated to ensure the first to expire is shipped first (FEFO) and that product with an insufficient shelf-life does not leave the facility.

i2i Advantages

  • Real-time tracking and 24/7 availability of inventory and shipping reports
  • Velocity of stock-keeping units (SKU) monitoring
  • Optimal inventory investment levels and maximum return on assets
  • All lot numbers and expiry dates are tracked
i2i Quality Assurance Logistics

Managing Your Supply Chain


Quality Assurance

Our processes ensure an extremely low risk of unreleased or quarantined products being accidentally released to the public. With advanced quality assurance processes, barcode tracking, and a dedicated team, we confidently control risk and mange your product.

With the broad acceptance and use of barcode scanning, human error has been largely eliminated, and at i2i, we embrace every technology that provides you with a better, more accurate experience.

Want to know more?

We know you have questions. Order fulfillment is one of those behind-the-scenes services that no one really knows a lot about. Well, we can help.

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