Increasing Efficiency

Managing your recalls and returns.

Health Canada stipulates that any lot-controlled product must be able to be recalled in the event of sickness or the death of a person or animal. That means that every single item of the suspect lot has to be tracked down, isolated, and returned to the warehouse.

Our IBIS system can run a recall report in seconds, identifying what remains in stock and what products were shipped to which customers (name, address, phone number) and when. The report is then sent to you so you can contact your customers and arrange for the product’s return. We do our best to make recalling product easy and efficient, and trust us—if you think this is stressful, you don’t want to know what being unable to recall a problematic batch feels like!

Handling your returns.

  • Returns are treated as much like regular receipts as possible to leverage existing and standard operating processes
  • The cost for a return is much the same as a cost for a receipt
  • We follow the criteria you set for an acceptable return, return-to-stock, and destruction

Working together.

  • Teach us how to save your stock, how to repackage, create kits, and ensure there is minimum waste, and we will work with you to save resources and money
  • If we are unsure about an item's condition, we will contact you with photographs
  • In the event of destruction or donation, we work with a variety of service providers that provide receipt of destruction or will help you donate to a good cause
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The Returns process

Keeping Expenses to a Minimum

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As much as we would prefer not to have product returned, the reality (particularly in today’s e-commerce world) is that returns are increasing in frequency rather than diminishing. Because of this trend, it makes sense to ensure that the returns process is as efficient as possible to keep expenses to a minimum. Over the years, i2i has worked hard to develop a returns process that keep your costs under control and produces as little waste as possible.

Want to know more?

We know you have questions. Order fulfillment is one of those behind-the-scenes services that no one really knows a lot about. Well, we can help.

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